This Couple's Vineyard Wedding Just Looks Like an Elegant Big Day, Until You See the Stormtroopers!

When Christine and Brian wed, they wanted a fun and lighthearted day for their guests, and what better way to do so than with a Star Wars-themed wedding? To make things even better, the wedding took place on May 4 – that’s right, Star Wars day! The franchise had a big impact on their life because they initially bonded over the movie. Additionally, Christine grew up watching the movies with her father. Sadly, he passed away in 2017, so the Star Wars theme had a greater sentimental meaning to the couple. “His favorite band was Pearl Jam and his favorite song was ‘Just Breathe’,” said Christine. “Since he couldn’t be there to dance with me I had a dance with my mom to this song and within a minute we invited every guest to dance with us in honor of my dad.”

There were some other cute moments during the day. Christine absolutely loved the first-look photos because Brian understandably got very emotional when he saw his bride for the first time in her wedding gown. Additionally, the wedding was officiated by Christine’s cousin, who personalized the vows with many Star Wars references. All of this accumulated to a lovely and joyful wedding. You can practically feel the emotions in the photos, so keep scrolling to see them!

Source: Suger

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