This Cozy $19 Blanket From Amazon Is Perfect For the Wannabe Mermaid in Your Life

We love a good mythical creature, which is why we totally flipped when we saw this adorable Handmade Mermaid Tail Blanket ($19). The design is made to fit both adults and kids, so everyone can enjoy it. Even better, it comes in nine different colors.

We think this would be a cute gift for the holidays, especially since the cold weather means that lots of layers are a requirement. It’s designed to totally wrap around the lower half of your body, but there’s a slit in the back so you can easily get in and out of it. It also comes with a drawstring bag for storage.

Seventy-five percent of buyers give it a five-star rating, so you know it must be pretty wonderful. It’s available on Amazon Prime so you can have it on your doorstep in as few as two days. We are totally obsessed! Who else wants one?

Source: Suger

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