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This "Geeky Electric" Wedding Looks Like So Much Fun, We Wish We Were Invited! | Jejee Blog

This "Geeky Electric" Wedding Looks Like So Much Fun, We Wish We Were Invited!

After meeting through a mutual friend online, these two brides finally tied the knot after being engaged for five and a half years. They wanted to make their wedding day special by centering it around their interests, and they didn’t want it to feel like a traditional wedding. So they decided on a fun and exciting theme: “geeky electric.” Their wedding included a little bit of all their favorite things such as Legos, comic books, movies, and video games. They even had Lego figurines as table decor and played “Kiss the Girl” from The Little Mermaid during the prelude of the ceremony.

The exchange of vows was a particularly special moment for the couple. “We’d been engaged for five and a half years, and during most of that time it wouldn’t have been legal for us to get married, so that was a moment very long anticipated!” they said. The room was full of joy and heavy emotions during that part of the day. “Hearing their emotional vows to each other during their ceremony definitely made me teary,” said photographer Andrea Bibeault in agreement. “I kept thinking how very long they had waited for this very moment.”

Keep reading to see the cute couple on their wedding day!

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