This Halloween Wedding Shoot Is a Gothic Fairy Tale Come to Life – Complete With Live Snake!

Now, we are sure you have all seen over-the-top wedding photos, but have you ever seen anything like these? This Gothic wedding was styled and shot by photographer Jewels Gray in the hopes of capturing all things romantic, intricate, and spine-chilling. Looking for a bride that captured the stone-cold essence of Snow White, Jewels used Sabrina as the perfect centerpiece. With milky white skin and jet black hair, this model captured the dark, Gothic vibes as well as the idyllic and charming wedding feels. The shoot was complete with a black wedding dress, gold skull rings, and even a real boa constrictor. These photos are frighteningly romantic . . . if that’s even possible.

As for everything that was needed to make this scene come to life, most of the props came from vendors in the St. Louis area, but the bride and groom brought some of their own pieces to complete the shoot. “Sabrina’s shoes and earrings were her own, and I about died when I saw the shoes she brought!” Jewels said. (TBH, we couldn’t believe she just had those lying around her closet, either.) As for the groom, Simba was dressed head-to-toe in black (complete with black nail polish) and brought his own motorcycle boots to finish off his look.

Check out this hauntingly beautiful Halloween wedding ahead and get ready to be spooked!

Source: Suger

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