What a Nursing Aid Learned After Caring For This Man's Mom Will Shock You

When Chris Wright’s dad was interviewing caregivers to help his ailing mom, he felt an instant connection with RonTunDe Hector.

Chris’s father went with a gut instinct and hired the kind woman. After sharing with his son that he just felt “better when she’s here,” Chris set up a time to meet this wonderful stranger who was helping his mom during her battle with Parkinson’s disease. During their chat, Chris mentioned what church he went to and RonTunDe shared that she was familiar with it simply because of a kind stranger she met who was a member of that congregation.

RonTunDe revealed that three years ago, a man helped her when she was struggling as a single mom after her divorce, and his kind deed was something she’d never forget. “I ran out of gas on the highway. I started walking with my gas can and I only had $5, and this guy pulled up and said, ‘you need help?'” RonTunDe shared with CNN. “He filled up my car with gas and gave me $40. It was like God sent him my way.”

Shocked, Chris took off his sunglasses and revealed that he was the man who stopped to help RonTunDe and her two boys. Since then, she’s been caring for Chris’s mom, and when a nurse said that Judy wouldn’t make it through the day, RonTunDe had a gut feeling of her own.

RonTunDe confided in Chris that she felt Judy would make it through the end of the week, passing on Sunday, which also happened to be RonTunDe’s birthday. To everybody’s amazement, that’s exactly what happened, and now this family is asking that in lieu of flowers, everyone help RonTunDe the way she always supported Judy.

“To know her is to love her and we are all in awe of how God worked so miraculously for our paths to cross again when we needed her the most,” Chris said in an emotional video.

The Wright family wants to make RonTunDe’s dream of becoming a nurse come true and set up a nursing school fund for mourners to donate to. So far, they’ve raised over $34,000, and RonTunDe shared that she cried all night after learning what Chris and his family did for her. “I’ve always felt I had something to offer the world, I just needed a platform,” she said.

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