What Newlyweds Wish They’d Spent More and Less Money on For Their Weddings

The average cost of an American wedding is about $30,000 – and that’s speaking conservatively. Every little detail, from the invitations to the flowers, adds up, which means it’s important to know exactly where you should splurge and save. Wedding planning company Zola surveyed over 750 newlyweds and newly engaged couples to find out their biggest regrets when it came to spending on their wedding day.

Top Five Details Couples Wish They Spent Less On

  1. 22 percent said flowers and decor.
  2. 20 percent said hair and makeup.
  3. 19 percent said catering.
  4. 19 percent said day-of wedding attire (dress, suit, accessories, etc.).
  5. 17 percent said invitations.

Top Five Details Couples Wish They Spent More On

  1. 25 percent said a videographer.
  2. 22 percent said a photographer.
  3. 20 percent said a wedding planner or coordinator.
  4. 12 percent said flowers and decor.
  5. 10 percent said the band/DJ.

Looking back on their big day, couples reported that it was their venue that truly made their wedding special, while the cake was the least important detail (though they still considered it to make a difference). Most also shared that the afterparty was far more memorable than the rehearsal dinner, and that the band/DJ had a bigger impact than their wedding-day attire. Though each couple’s opinions will vary, these insights could help you prioritize the most necessary elements.

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