With This Genius Gadget, Safe Sex Is Just a Click Away – Literally

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Tara Block

Condoms at the push of a button? Yeah, kind of genius. Amazon just announced its expansion of more than 100 branded Dash buttons, including food brands like Starbucks, but only one of these will provide you with safe sex – and it was sent to our office. Pictured here is the Amazon Dash button for Trojan, which was paired conveniently with a box of condoms.

With this small device – which, for Amazon Prime members, is only $5 (though you get your money back after the first button purchase, so it’s essentially FREE) – you’re able to press a button and have condoms delivered (for free) to your doorstep in two days. So, not quite as handy as a run to the corner store in an emergency, but if you have a couple days of planning, it’s pretty seamless. And discreet. Just stick it . . . well, somewhere not too obvious, press the button, and enjoy some good, clean, sexy time.

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Source: Suger

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